Math Circles of Chicago sessions are led by classroom teachers, graduate students, undergraduate students, and community members with a passion for math.

Teach for MC2!

If you’d like to lead MC2 sessions, or start out by volunteering, let us know! You can also participate in our classroom observations or take one of our teaching workshops. MC2 has doubled the number of students in serves over the last three years, and we expect to double again over the next three, so you are needed! Prospective math circle teachers and volunteers click here!

Math Circles in a Box (MC2iaB) In addition to our 8 hubs that serve children from multiple schools, middle school teachers can run MC2 sessions in their own local after school program. For these teachers, MC2 provides lesson plans, coaching, and workshop support. Interested? Complete this form.

High school and undergraduate volunteers: Undergraduate students and high schoolers should complete this form if they are interested in helping out!

MC2 Teaching

MC2 has five program levels and nine locations (including our 9th ‘online’Hub), so there are many opportunities to participate. Each session has a ‘lead teacher,’ who is paid. We also are looking for adults or high schoolers who have participated in math circles before to support our leads. We provide the lesson plans, which are continuously updated by the team of teachers participating in sessions–for example, Haynes-5/6, our program for 5th and 6th graders, is offered at all eight sites, and teachers involved with Haynes communicate, share ideas, and revise plans all of the time!

In the fall of 2021 our sessions will be in person to the greatest extent possible.

MC2 Teacher Workshops

MC2 has a menu of teacher workshops that we offer on a rotating basis. Each quarter we also run a coach-led observation of a math circle at one of our sites, which includes a debrief with the observed MC2 lead teacher. We will regularly update this page with our quarterly workshop schedule; when you complete our teacher interest form and you will be placed on the workshop mailing list.

Upcoming workshops

9/7, 7PM  New Teacher Welcome Meeting

9/14, 7PM  New Teacher Welcome Meeting

9/16, 5PM Returning Teachers Zulip Introduction

9/16 7PM New Teacher Workshop

9/26 1PM What is a math circle?