Winter Registration: The Rules

By December 1, 2015Uncategorized

Registration for the Math Circles of Chicago is now open! Please be sure to enroll/enter the lottery by December 12th, as priority goes to those who choose their winter program by that date.

Returning students: If you are a returning student in good standing, when you log in on our registration page you will simply be able to ‘enroll’ for the winter. You will immediately receive an email that you are in for the winter session—it couldn’t be simpler. What does it mean to be ‘in good standing’? For this upcoming quarter, it means that in the fall you missed no more than two sessions (in the future this will be reduced to at most one absence). If that’s not the case, you’ll have to try to get into a session by entering the ‘lottery’ with new students, or students returning after taking a quarter or more off from math circles.

New students: For the best chance to get into a session, it’s key that you enter our ‘lottery’ by December 12th. On December 13th the lottery algorithm is run, and students are chosen at random from the applicant pool if there are more applicants than spaces (if we don’t fill a session, everyone gets in of course). You should receive an email on that day about whether you are enrolled or have been placed on our wait list.

What if I found out about Math Circles after December 13th?: Until the winter programs start in January, you can still sign up. If a session is NOT full after the lottery program is run on December 12th, you can immediately enroll. If a program is full, you’ll be able to join the wait list.

Why do I have to register each quarter, rather than just for the full year?: In the past we’ve found that students commitments vary greatly over the course of the school year. For example, spring sports programs have led students to drop math circles during that quarter. We want our programs to be as full as possible, so we have broken our calendar into three quarters to maximize enrollment. Our program page gives dates for winter math circle sessions–please note that these vary from site to site!

Have questions? Email us at Otherwise, good luck–we hope to see you in January!