A Web of Math

By February 6, 2018Uncategorized

For some parents and some kids, their response to the math circle experience is–‘More?’

In the world of the web, there is plenty of more. In fact, so much that it’s hard to discern what’s truly worthwhile. What are the best sources of online math enrichment?

  1. The Art of Problem Solving    AoPS addresses three things: How can I take challenging math classes on my own? Where can I find books to learn that math? How can I meet other people like me that are crazy about math? 
  2. Brilliant.org’s VP of Community is  Calvin Liu, who I’m told taught some Euler sessions in MC2 once upon a time. A beautiful site, with sections on the Joy of Problem Solving, Logic, Algebra Through Puzzles, etc. Addictive. Too addictive.
  3. Scientific American’s Roots of Unity is all about mathematical connections. Evelyn Lamb’s writing is beautiful, and the topics are wide ranging, from biography to fractals, with recurring posts on Favorite Theorems and Favorite Spaces–this is a good place to start, as Favorite Spaces are some of the most accessible posts.
  4. Cut the Knot is all about interactive math puzzles. A classic site, with all that word implies (you’ll have to configure your browser to get the java applets to work).

This is, inevitably, the tip of the iceberg. Parents, a quick final list of other resources that might fit your needs: Math games, brain teasers, and more at NCTM Illuminations; the Math Counts Problem of the Week Archive; The Natural Math site, with resources for kids as young as three; and, finally, the Math Forum, particularly the archive for Ask Dr. Math, where 1000’s of questions have been asked and answered!