December 2nd: Come Visit QED!

By November 20, 2017QED, Uncategorized

135 kids are registered for QED, Chicago’s Youth Math Research Symposium. A sampling of projects that have been proposed:

  • Do Magic Rectangles Exist?
  • The Missing Box: A Counting Problem
  • Triangulating the Bullseye: Odd sided n-gons and figurate numbers
  • Dividing the Pirate Booty
  • The Collatz Conjecture
  • McGuire the Gathering: The Battle of Probability
  • Variations of Sprouts
  • The Growing Painted Cube Problem
  • Pascal’s Triangle Reformatted
  • Tessellation Concentration
  • Torus Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Combinatorics on a Chessboard
  • Quotientdoku
  • 78,962,609,037,312,000 Ways to Keep Troublemakers Apart
  • The Careless Waiter Problem: An Exploration of Multinomial Coefficients
  • Mouse Trap Adapted
  • Non-Transitive Dice and Probability
  • Counting Castles

If you missed registration but would like to check out QED, email to register as a guest. You can come see projects from 12:20-1:00, and hear our speaker Daniel Groves at 1:00PM, all on December 2nd. Join us!