Gearing up for Giving Tuesday

By November 22, 2016Uncategorized

Our annual fundraising for Math Circles of Chicago is centered on Giving Tuesday, November 29th. Our goal is $20,000 which we hope to raise between now and the end of December.

Please pitch in! For those most strongly committed to our mission, consider creating your own fundraising webpage and reaching out to your friends on our behalf. Email me at if you’d like to do so.

We need the funds for two reasons. First and foremost, now that we’ve grown to serve almost 500 students bi-weekly, it’s more urgent for us to break even financially so that we will continue to exist far into the future.

Second, we want to open more math circle sites! I’ve been contacted by schools and community centers across the city hoping to partner with us. Once we are “in the black” for the year we’ll be able to consider these proposals seriously. Gifts made now have a big impact on our long term planning!

Giving Tuesday is meant to highlight the ‘Giving’ in Thanksgiving. For those that give, I’d like to say Thanks!