Give Me More

By September 26, 2019Uncategorized

Over the past two weeks I’ve attended the opening of all seven of our sites this fall (with #8 this Saturday at Back of the Yards). The most common parent questions:

  • Is there anything like MC2 for kids not yet in 5th grade?
  • My child wants to do even more math. What else is there besides MC2?

Here’s a grab bag of resources to check out!

1. A Math Circle for Grades 1 to 4.
Irene Gottlieb has gone to great lengths to establish a math circle for 1st to 4th graders. She’s rented a space at 1164 N. Milwaukee, and she just published her fall calendar–the first session is on October 10th. Follow the link and sign up!

2. Math for Love
My friend Dan Finkel has great games, a great TED Talk, and great resources on his mathforlove webpage.

3. Art of Problem Solving
Books, online classes, and online community of almost a half million kids.

4. Girl’s Angle
A Math Club for Girls, with events like Math Collaborations, “A mathematically intense alternative to math competitions.”

5. Grab Your Partner: QED!
Last, but not least (not that it’s a competition), engage in some MC2 sponsored mathematical research. On December 7th we’ll host QED: Chicago’s Youth Math Symposium, where students in grades 5 to 12 present their independent research. We’re trying an experiment this year, attempting to match up students with a partner, and then with a QED adviser. Interested? Email And please help us spread around our flyer–thanks!