#ILGiveCommunity– MC2 #1 in Illinois–Thank You!

One of the fundamental principles of Math Circles of Chicago is that we do not emphasize competition. However, when it comes to fundraising, I get a little competitive–which is, admittedly, ironic.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to say that in the #ILGiveCommunity fundraiser that ended last night, Math Circles of Chicago raised the most money and had more donors than any of the 108 organizations that participated! This is a credit to the efforts of many people (100 donors!), and I’d like to give some thanks.

First, Sendhil Revuluri, MC2 board member, used his social media muscle and made countless posts. His friends, family, and colleagues raised over $3,000. I saw many familiar names of math circle parents on our donor list, including Weidong Xu, Rafique Ahmed, and Abhinav Ghandi, among many other families. Math professors John Baldwin and Lynn Narasimhan (who have helped me personally along my career!) gave along with math circle teachers/graduate students like Ali Mojaher and Nathan Lopez. Thanks also to the staff at #ILGive for getting us involved!  

The fundraiser itself involved competition–there were prizes for being the first organization to get a donation, the org with the most donations, and the “From a Donor Far, Far Away Prize”. We won the first two, and I aimed for getting the third, finding three donors who I thought were good candidates: In Australia, Emily O’Donnell, in Singapore, Lillyn Teh, and Kiyoshi Najita in Hawaii. Just as the fundraiser was ending someone noticed the fine print–that each organization could only win one prize.  Fortunately I found an (anonymous) donor to give an extra $250 to honor Emily, Lillyn, and Yosh’s efforts. Thanks to you all!!!