JRMF 2018: Thank Yous!

About 200 people attended our second annual Julia Robinson Math Festival–woo-hoo!

Some thanks are in order. Many people volunteered to run our tables:

  • CPS Teachers from all over the city: Matt Rosenberg (Lakeview), Rutha Dixon (Dunne), Christine Kim (Wildwood), Serg Cvetkovic (Kelly), Lisa Cash (Goudy), Marco Mendez-Duarte (Budlong), Emily Nuttall, and a special thanks to Kevin Lee who led a table and also set things up from the inside as a Payton staff member
  • Faculty, along with Graduate and Undergraduate students: Janis Lazovskis (UIC), James Drimilla (Loyola), Lia O’Bryan (UChicago), Eugenia Cheng (SAIC)
  • Community Members: John Brown, Abhinav Gandi, Kristin Merrill, Zach Fogelson, and Alexa Katz
  • High School Students: Michael Klyachman, Hoon Shin, Juan Renteria, Jiahaochen Jiang, Vidhi Singh, and Ashley Razo

And the biggest thanks goes to Matt Moran, who put the whole thing together. Thanks Matt!

Check out the next post for photos!