Julia Robinson 2019: Best Ever!

315 people–that’s the way to end the year! We were happy to host our largest group ever for a Julia Robinson Math Festival. Woohoo!

Thanks again to Matt Moran who put the event together, and the wide range of people who ran the tables:

  • Professors Eugenia Cheng, Dhruv Mubayi, Selma Yildirim
  • Teachers Martin Bentley, Serg Cvetkovic, Christine Kim, Joe Ochiltree, Eric Rios, Graham Rosby, Sanya Singh, and Angela Tobias
  • Doctoral Students Hana Ahreum, Sara Rezvi, and Sarah Reitzes
  • Undergraduate Math and Math Ed Major Peter Smith
  • Tech Guru Abhinav Gandhi
  • Parents Kristin Merrill and Donella Taylor

A very special day–I’ll post some photos in a minute!