Julia Robinson Math Festival Returns: May 29th!

Our June 2020 Julia Robinson Math Festival was canceled like many major in person events. Now, in partnership with the national JRMF organization, Julia Robinson Math Festivals are back! We are offering an online festival for 3rd to 8th graders. Some key information:

  1. The event will run on Saturday, May 29th, from Noon to 2PM Central Time. Register here.
  2. The festival will be online, using the Gather.Town platform. Each participant will have an avatar and will be able to roam around the virtual festival, entering rooms by choice. Gather.Town has functions that allow you to connect to friends (so you can stick together, or find each other across the festival).
  3. Roughly speaking, the festival is for 3rd to 8th graders. Older MC2 students can email info@mathcirclesofchicago.org if they are interested in helping us host the festival.
A Screenshot from Gather.Town

Gather.Town will allow us to better simulate the environment of an in person festival–it will be the first festival every using this technology!There will be puzzles throughout the virtual space along with a variety of math circle like activities in individual rooms. The space will be geared to engage a range of students, with levels for beginners and more experienced math circlers, along with activities that will be facilitated in Spanish as well as English. It promises to be a fun experiment in conducting a high-agency, collaborative math virtual math world. Join us!