Largest and Fastest: Updating our Plans

By August 18, 2022Uncategorized

For a few years we’ve made the claim that MC2 is the largest math circle in the world. It’s a claim that, admittedly, is hard to verify, but seems likely enough, particularly as we continue to grow.

We’re not done–in fact, we are hoping to claim that we are the fastest growing math circle program in the world too. Our plans for the upcoming school year:

  • We are doubling our capacity for 5th/6th (Haynes) and 7th/8th (Brahmagupta) at our Payton and UChicago Hubs. And Kovalevsky-A2/PC is returning to UChicago.
  • We will have 8 online sections of math circles this fall, up from 5 in the spring.
  • We will have 30+ after school programs (‘Math Circles in a Box’).  We are particularly interested in adding schools on the south and west sides.
  • We will hold community center programs in Pilsen and Woodlawn.
  • We will partner with MAPSCorps to offer statistics-based math circles in 4+ high schools.
  • If you are interested in starting a math circle at your own school, leading or assisting online, helping out at a community center or shelter, email us at We need to have a fast growing teaching community too!

This expansion follows our doubling of enrollment (and the length!) of our summer programs this past July. (Check out the photos here!)

While it’s mathematically impossible for MC2 to be the fastest growing math circle program in the world forever, if we keep growing at this rate for eleven years every person living in Chicago will be attending our sessions.