Late Notice: Cryptography, The Mathematics of Secret Codes

By August 3, 2017Uncategorized

High Schoolers, I just received a last minute email indicating that there is still space available in a week long (two hours a day) set of Cryptography workshops at UIC next week!

Cryptography: The Mathematics of Secret Codes

Since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, spies and military couriers have been using encryption to transmit secret messages. The mathematical methods used in encryption range from the simple to the sophisticated. Since the advent of computers and the internet, cryptography has become essential in securing networks and online transactions. In this workshop, Instructor Daniel Ingebretson will explore cryptography through examples, and introduce some modern number theory along the way.

Students will meet at UIC for 2 hours per day, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM August 7-11 (Monday to Friday).

Location: 851 South Morgan Street, Science and Engineering Offices (SEO) Room 636

Program Requirements: Any high school student who has taken at least one course in algebra is welcome to apply.

Register Today!