Let’s Brainstorm QED Projects!

By October 19, 2017QED, Uncategorized

QED is Chicago’s annual Math Youth Symposium. Each of the last two years we’ve had 130 kids come to QED, but with 570 kids participating in MC2 this fall, we want MORE.

Typically project ideas come from taking a problem you’ve already done and changing the rules. Last spring I modeled this using ticktacktoe–check out this old blog post to start stretching your problem posing muscles.

We know that the biggest barrier to entering QED is coming up with a project idea. With that in mind, we are holding QED Brainstorming sessions on October 28th at Payton and November 4th at UChicago, with sessions starting at 1:00PM and 2:15PM. Sign up here.

If you are a Haynes or Brahmagupta student at Payton or UChicago, you can simply sign up to attend the session that takes place when you are not in your math circle (for example, if you are a 2:15PM student, sign up for the 1:00 brainstorming session). Of course, kids at our other sites are welcome to sign up too! (Students in Cantor–we will also try to do some QED brainstorming during our 4th session this fall; Kovalevsky and Euler students, talk to your session leaders for ideas).

QED will be held on December 2nd, but the pre-registration deadline is November 10th. For 5th to 8th graders, you can pre-register and then continue to work right up until December. High schoolers, you need to submit your project paper by November 10th. In all cases, we hope to see you on December 2nd!