MC2 Camp 2017: Writing Your Own Question, Creating Your Own Game

The past two weeks MC2 has held summer math camps at Payton Prep. We are also holding math circle sessions in Pilsen with our partner Mujeres Latinas en Accion that continue through August. Check out our photos of students enjoying math and camaraderie!

It goes without saying that our camps feature kids learning math and doing math. What we are also trying to emphasize are opportunities for students to create and invent mathematics. I’ve added a second gallery of white boards and chart paper that give a flavor for all of these activities. Note the posters labeled “Lingering Questions,” “Camp Questions,” “Cool Ideas,” and “Problem Extensions (QED?),” along with those featuring games that students created themselves.

We believe our students have had fun in our camps–we are hoping that they were also inspired! Nothing is more motivational than answering your own questions. (See this blog post about how to get started!)