Math Circles of Chicago is serious about its commitment to provide all kids in Chicago access to fun, confidence building, novel math. In turn, we are always trying to expand, experiment, and improve!

  • Morgan Park    Our 7th site opens this fall. Morgan Park is on Chicago’s far south side, 10 miles from our closest site at UChicago, so we hope to recruit a new crop of kids who couldn’t come to MC2 before! We will hold Haynes (5th/6th grade) and Brahmagupta (7th/8th) sessions at Morgan Park High School on Monday afternoons. We are also trying another experiment–weekly sessions (elsewhere we meet bi-weekly).
  • Bridgeport Expansion    For several years we’ve held MC2 sessions at Benton House in Bridgeport. That site only had one classroom, so we’re moving to a new location–St. Therese on 23rd St. This move will allow us to expand to three groups of students, Haynes, Brahmagupta, and Cantor (Algebra 1/Geometry students). 
  • Summer Camps    Through the generous support of the CME Group Foundation we’ve held brief summer camps the past two years. We are taking a serious look at expanding and lengthening these camps, making them permanent, and announcing them earlier in the year to make it easier for families to plan to attend. Expect a formal announcement in December.
  • Homeless Shelters    Last spring we started holding math circle sessions in a local shelter, and this work continued this summer at a 2nd location. This upcoming year we will be leading sessions in up to three shelters.

We’re proud to say that all of our programs have remained free as we’ve continued to grow. We’ve been able to do this through generous support from families, foundations, and many volunteers. Thanks to everyone–we’re looking forward to another great year!