News–All of it Good

I’ll get right to it–we have a LOT of good news!

  • 70 donors gave $10,517 as part of our #ILGiveCommunity fundraiser, and an anonymous donor gave a $10,000 match. Thanks to all 71 of you!
  • The Mathematical Association of America announced that for the 3rd consecutive year it will be giving MC2 an award!
  • The Springboard Foundation renewed (and doubled!) its funding for MC2, which will support our opening a 7th site in the fall!
  • MC2 is coordinating a free mini-camp that Eugenia Cheng will hold for local high school students. In addition to her many achievements, Planet Money fans should listen to her talk about infinity on yesterday’s Indicator Podcast.
  • The Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics announced that Sendhil Revuluri will be given this years Lee Yunker Mathematics Leadership Award. Sendhil is a current and founding Board Member of MC2, and his leadership has been essential in MC2’s development into a premier free and accessible math circle for kids across Chicago!