On a Mission

By October 15, 2018Uncategorized

Last week MC2 completed a six month strategic planning process. In three years we plan to double in size, expand our summer camps, all while maintaining the quality of our programs. We’ve also refined our mission and our values:

The mission of the Math Circles of Chicago is to create opportunities for all children across Chicago to develop a passion for mathematics.

Core Values
1. Math should be fun and empowering
2. Every child can do and enjoy rich math
3. Every child deserves equitable access to these experiences
4. Students should be the agents of their own learning
5. Math can and should be a cooperative endeavor

In the context of over-testing and competition, this mission and these values resonate. Mathematics shouldn’t be seen as a chore; it shouldn’t be for the few; in the real world, it isn’t an individual endeavor. Our mission is to create opportunities for a better mathematical experience.

Math Circles of Chicago achieves its mission by providing free, unique math enrichment programs for 5thโ€“12th grade students of diverse backgrounds. All Chicago, every kid, amazing math.