QED Updates, Juggling News

By October 31, 2019QED, Uncategorized

QED, our annual math symposium is just around the corner. We have important announcements!

  • The pre-registration deadline for QED has been extended due to the recent school closure. Please pre-register by Tuesday, November 19th. (The previous deadline was the 12th). High School students, be reminded that your project papers must be submitted by that date! Middle schoolers do not need to submit papers in advance. Pre-register here!
  • Are you still looking for a project idea? MC2 teachers just conducted a problem brainstorming session–email qed@mathcirclesofchicago.org if you’d like to see one!
  • If you aren’t ready to participate in QED this year, we take visitors. Sign up here to get an intro to QED, visit projects, try our Guesstimathon, brainstorm an idea for next year (while eating pizza), and attend the QED Talk.
  • Speaking of our QED Talk, this year’s speaker is Peter Tingley of Loyola University. Dr. Tingley is a leader of the Chicago Math Teacher’s Circle, and, I claim, he will teach every QED participant and guest how to juggle. We will provide the juggling balls–just come ready to learn.

So, QED. Imagine a science fair. But with math and computer science projects. Where you do things like guess the number of calories in a single serving of Chocolate Chip Cookie-Doug Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. And you learn how to juggle.

You have to come.