Reading & Writing & Arithmetic

By January 13, 2020Uncategorized

1. Reading

Roots of Unity, the math opinion page on Scientific American’s webpage comes highly recommended. I’d like to point you to a recent post from December 27th: The Math Reading Challenge 2020. The post encourages you to read math related books in 12 categories, like:

  • A math-related book from the year you were born
  • A math book that helps you make something
  • A nonfiction math book written by a woman [Our colleague Eugenia Cheng’s Beyond Infinity is listed-yay!]
  • A graphic novel about math or mathematicians


Read a book and join the conversation at #MathReadingChallenge2020 on twitter (it’s a community, not a contest). I’m in!

2. Writing

This one is a contest, for 15-18 year olds. Apply for the Steven H. Stogatz Prize for Math Communication. Cash prizes. Submissions are due April 22nd, and, can be a song, a play, a video, etc., etc., celebrating the universality of math.

The contest is being run by MoMath aka the National Museum of Mathematics in NYC. One must hope that a trip to New York is part of the award.

3. My Writing

Today the American Mathematical Society posted my essay, “The Future of Math Enrichment: Math Contests or Math Circles?“. Please read!