Summer Math Guide

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There are math camps all over the country, some free, some not; some in Chicago, some across the country. A few admit everyone they can fit, others ask you to complete an application, write an essay, and/or take an entrance quiz/test/problem set. The table below can help you make a choice. Some things to note:

  • A few have deadlines as early as March, so note the application due dates!
  • Going to a camp where you might live away from home for a week or more can be intense and transformative. These are the camps best for students who know math is their favorite subject, have attended math circles for a year or more, and for who the thought of doing math all day (and then hanging with friends at night and maybe doing even more math) is highly appealing.
  • If you/your child aren’t ready for that intensity yet, consider local options. MC2 camps are free, half day, and generally last for two weeks. These are meant to be an intermediate step between the full day intensity of some of the best known math camps, and not doing math at all for the summer.
  • If you are thinking about a summer camp away from Chicago but don’t know much about them, consider emailing us at to ask for advice. The camp listed here vary quite a bit, and we know leaders from all of them and can help guide you to one that might be best for you. (If you have been participating in MC2 we can also try to put in a good word for you).

A math camp can be truly transformative. Students who go on to study math and related subjects in college often have experienced this kind of academic enrichment. Another reason why MC2 camps are free is to level the playing field so students from all walks of (Chicago) life can have the chance to experience something that has historically been open to only more privileged students. We’d love you to join us here in Chicago, but we’d be happy if you went to any of these summer camps–as long as you are happy there!

March Update! Wolfram is also offering an online all girl middle school camp, June 19th to the 23rd. The camp meets all day, and costs $500 but offers financial aid based on need. You should also check out the collected summer camp list on the Art of Problem Solving website.

Name Grade/Ages Location/Dates Application Due and Requirements Financial Info
MC2 Rising 6th, 7th, 8th Chicago, IL  7/10-7/21 Lottery Opens 4/11, runs 5/7 Free
MC2 Rising 10th, 11th, 12th Chicago, IL  7/17-7/21 Lottery Opens 4/11, runs 5/7 Free (Student Stipend)
UIC YSP Rising 9th to 13th Chicago, IL, 7/10-8/4 (you can sign up for 1, 2, 3,or all 4 weeks!) Lottery, TBA Free
UChicago YSP Rising 7th to 12th Chicago, IL, TBA Essay, teacher recommendation, transcript $250-$1,000, based on family income, ‘suggested’
HCSSiM Grades ~9-12 Amherst, MA, 6/25-8/5 ~April, App form, ‘Interesting Test’ Free for families with income below $68,000
Mathily Grades 9-12 Bryn Mawr, PA, 6/25-7/29 ~April 25, App form, recommendation, ‘Exam Assessing Readiness’ Fees waived for some students
Math Camp Ages 13-18 Burlington, VT, 7/2-8/6 March 9, App form, recommendations, essay, ‘Qualifying Quiz’ Free for families with income below $75,000
MathPath Ages 11-14 Portland, OR, 6/25-7/23 ~March 15, App form, recommendations, ‘Qualifying Test’ Sliding scale from $0
PROMYS Ages 14-18 Boston, MA, 7/2-8/12 March 5th, App form, recommendations, transcript, ‘Challenging Problem Set’ Free for families with income below $80,000
Sigma Camp Ages 12-16 Sharon, CT, 8/13-8/20 Application opens March 1st, TBA TBA
Texas Mathworks Grades 9-12 San Marcos, TX, 6/18-7/29 ~April 15, App form, essay, transcript, recommendation Contact
Wolfram Under age 18 Boston, MA 6/28-7/15 December until full, App form, coding challenge, interview “Need based aid is available”

In math, ~ usually means ‘approximately’. The websites for these camps are often vague about their deadline for submitting applications. If it says, for example, ~March 15th, what I think this really means is that you have just as good a chance as anyone else to get in if you apply by that date, but that you may still have a chance if you apply after (which probably means they’ll take applications for several more days/weeks until they fill up their camp!) If you really want to go to a particular camp, meet the deadline. 🙂