Summer Mathcamp Canada/USA Edition

By February 4, 2017Uncategorized

For kids, summer is a time of exploration–especially given the ever growing academic demands we make on children during the school year. This is the time of year my wife and I start our annual search for the right summer experience.

Families in Math Circles are in the same boat as my family right now, and with that in mind I’m hoping to make regular posts about summer opportunities. Today I want to highlight the Canada/USA Math Camp.MathCamp Logo

As the leader of an organization that promotes free math enrichment for school age kids, I want to start
by saying that this immersive math experience is free for children of families who have an annual income under $65,000–and that includes travel to Tacoma, Washington where the camp takes place. Check out the camp’s financial aid webpage for more information–in particular, the page gives links to other ways to earn scholarships for summer math programs!

The Canada/USA Math Camp is open to 13-18 year olds, and runs from July 2nd to August 6th. The application deadline is March 10th, and requires an essay, a qualification quiz, and two recommendation letters.

On Wednesday, February 15th at 6:30PM central time the Canada/USA Math Camp is hosting a live information session through the Art of Problem Solving website. Check it out!