Summer Thanks!

Our camps at Zizumbo and Payton have now concluded, and I wanted to give a few words of thanks! To Chris Allen, Cynthia Ortiz, and the staff at Zizumbo, thank you for being so welcoming! This was our first summer on the southwest side, and it was a pleasure to spend time in such a beautiful building with such a wonderful staff!

At Payton, thanks going out to Mary Grubich and David Adamji for coordinating the space, and to Judy, Cookie, and the rest of the team for taking care of us every day. Math Circles of Chicago launched at Payton eight years ago, and it still feels like home.

Finally, the greatest part of our success is a result of the hard work of our teaching staff: Amanda Ruch, Rutha Dixon, Graham Rosby, Lisa Cash, Alison Ridgway, ably supported by Rileigh Luczak, Nina Tansey, Lauren Sands, Michael Klychmann, Isabel Juarez, and Kara Fischer–thanks to you all!

The best way I can recognize our teachers and counselors is through sharing survey comments parents made at the end of the camp:

  • My daughter used to love math. After a few years of bad math experiences, my daughter hated math. Thank you for helping her find her way back to her love of this subject!
  • I loved seeing E, work on the problems at home. He was eager and driven to solve the problems. (particularly math hall of fame.)
  • My daughter has had a 20+ point gain and received an A letter grade in math since participating in this program
  • A. has passed math and didn’t believe she could do it. At camp she was challenged and enjoyed having a voice.
  • My daughter was very hesitant about coming to Math Circles and repeatedly told me “I do not need help in math”. I told her it wasn’t really about help but having fun w/ math. After the first day, she came home so happy and couldn’t wait to go back.
  • My son inherited my math anxiety, it’s been hard for him, and occasionally teachers at school have been overwhelmed and less than helpful when he’s had difficulties. This has been so helpful! I appreciate it so much! It’s so much more help!
  • She has learned how to apply math outside of the classroom setting. She has always enjoyed math and understood it. Now, she knows some different strategies to solve certain problems; which is so much more interesting.
  • My child was exposed to mostly drill and practices kind of math. And as a result didn’t like math. To him math is something he has to do in school. But through math circles he now tasted the creative + engaging side of math. He is interested in math.
  • Math Circles allowed my son to work together with other kids his own age solving challenging math problems, & had fun while he also made new friends from different parts of the city. He learned to see math in a different light beyond typical classroom problems.