Summer Plans

By January 30, 2019Uncategorized

While it hardly seems to be appropriate to be writing about summer on the coldest day in Chicago in 25 years, we have news! In the summer of 2019 MC2 will be holding camps at two sites. We expect one site will continue to be Walter Payton, and the other will be either on Chicago’s southwest or south sides. The camps will be open to current 5th to 8th graders, and will last for two full weeks. More information coming in February!

Will we be doing anything for high schoolers this summer? Yes! We are again looking to collaborate with mathematician, author, pianist, chef, and all around nice person Eugenia Cheng to offer a free camp next summer. In 2018 Dr. Cheng offered a 3 day summer mini-camp; in 2019 she’s hoping to run a two week experience that will result in a new book!

Last year I posted links to several math camps. Nearby, our sister program UChicago YSP runs an annual camp for 7th-12th graders that may be the best know summer math camp in the country. Their website still references 2018, but I expect this will be updated soon–last year the application deadline was in early April.

I’ll mention two more camps this year. If I were in high school, I’d be thrilled to attend Wolfram’s Summer Camp in Massachusetts. Wolfram sponsors QED: Chicago’s Youth Math Symposium, and they publish Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, my two favorite pieces of mind boggling math software.

There aren’t as many middle school math camps in the world as their should be, so it’s worth checking out MathPath, which is not too far away in Grand Rapids. Like Wolfram, MathPath accepts students on a rolling basis. I appreciate Math Path’s stance that they are, “An enrichment program, not an acceleration program.” It’s a philosophy they share with MC2!

My dream is that we’ll grow our camps in Chicago until hundreds of students participate, and we’ll build our students’ confidence to travel to other camps in the summer after they are with us for a few years. We’ll keep growing exponentially until this vision becomes a reality!