So Many Online Options

By January 12, 2021Uncategorized

MC2 continues this winter and spring online; for the moment we hope we’ll be back in person this summer. In the fall, when it seems almost certain that our in person sites will re-open, we will maintain our online sessions to provide access to students who couldn’t participate otherwise. Like many organizations, we’ve found that one of the few silver linings of the pandemic is that we’ve learned to adapt to the online setting to further our mission.

Online options provide greater access to great programs everywhere. Our colleagues across the country provide a range of opportunities:

1 The Julia Robinson Math Festival

Prior to the pandemic, JRMF’s main activity was to support groups across the county to hold local in-person math festivals. MC2’s festival takes place every June, for example. Since March JRMF has undergone a remarkable shift. Their weekly webinars introduce a new activity every week.

2 Museum of Math

When MoMath reopens it’s well worth a visit (11 East 26th St. in NYC). In the meantime, they have a wide variety of virtual programs, from social gatherings for tweens and teens to Family Fridays (think origami) to summer camps and more.

3 Art of Problem Solving

AoPS has been the premier online math enrichment site for many years. For students interested in taking math courses that go beyond the standard curriculum, it’s the place to be. AoPS is also a platform for the math contest community–their Community Forums have a wide variety of discussion topics.


The American Institute of Mathematics provides links to their own programs (e.g. ‘Math Mondays’) along with those of their partners.